By employing a dozen qualified individuals we remain small enough to deliver a personalised service that delivers landscapes of the highest standards, yet big enough to manage the largest and more complex projects. On each project our designers and construction team collaborate with the client to ensure that the overall experience is trouble free and exceeds all expectations. Our design process covers functional and aesthetic requirements as well as budget and timelines. Consultation is ongoing, with ideas developed as we progress. 

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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil and is considered the best way of growing organic plants and herbs at your home or office garden. Our company will help you in the installation of your hydroponics system and advise you on what will grow best in different parts of your property depending upon the amount of sunlight they receive. Different ways to care for your plant like controlling the pH of hydroponic nutrient solution is vital as well.

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For city dwellers green space is hard to come by. Rooftop gardens and green roofs are not only trendy and a source of natural beauty but also act as additional living space. Terrace gardens can add a whole host of other benefits, including increasing the value of a property, supporting biodiversity and filtering air pollution.



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Herbs and micro plants are indispensable to an Indian kitchen. Growing them in your own home will add to your garden and at the same time be sustainable and eco-friendly.

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For a garden or landscape on a budget, upcycled old material can truly add unique components to your green space. This will help you to give your garden a personalised touch and at the same time save money to buy more plants.

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Our knowledge of Feng Shui and Vaastu help us advice our clients on the ideal layout designs for their outdoor space that create a harmonious environment and look visually appealing as well.